Custom Software Development

Consulting and custom development using Microsoft .NET platform.

ASP.NET Web application development

  • Architect an ASP.NET web application
  • Correctly setup Web Site and Web Application projects
  • Use the correct controls, navigation controls
  • Design and develop custom controls
  • Save time using proven third party controls
  • Create stunning User Interfaces and navigation
  • Optimize database connectivity
  • Increase performance thru Ajax and other user interface optimization techniques
  • Understand where you should be using Blazor vs. ASP.NET MVC vs Razor Pages vs Azure PAAS

Custom .NET application development

  • Help you architect and design a scalable, leverage-able .net-based application
  • Create web-based applications with C# as the managed language
  • Create Domain models with C#/F# as the managed language
  • Leverage WEB API ,REST API in C# and F#
  • Create secure, robust web API
  • Use SQL Server,MySql ,Azure Cosmos DB or other database system
  • Use Team Foundation Server for the SDLC platform

Business System Design and Architecture

  • Help you architect and design a scalable, leverage-able .net-based solution